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Oct 11, 2016

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The act of taking your eyes of the road (even for a quick instant), to glance down at a phone can have serious repercussions. Distracted driving seems to be on the rise with its impact being just as serious as impaired driving; it is dangerous and can result in serious injury, or worse, fatality.

In the Province of Ontario, it is against the law to not only use hand-held communication and electronic entertainment devices while driving, but to hold them as well.  It is a crime and, as such, carries serious consequences. If convicted, the penalty will depend on the type of licence you hold as well as the number of years you have been driving.

Drivers with A to G licences, if convicted of distracted driving can face: a fine of $490, if settled out of court (includes a victim surcharge and the court fee); a fine of up to $1,000 if a summons is received or if you fight the ticket in court and lose; and three demerit points.

For novice drivers, the consequences are the same with the exception of the demerit points.  Rather than receiving any demerit points they face: a 30-day licence suspension for a first conviction; a 90-day licence suspension for a second conviction; and a cancellation of your licence and removal from the Graduated Licensing System (GLS) for a third conviction.  In the case of a third conviction, the driver would have to repeat the GLS program in order to get their licence back.

If anyone has been endangered as result of distracted driving the charge can become one of careless driving where a conviction could result in: six demerit points; fines up to $2,000 and/or a jail term of six months; and a licence suspension of up to two years.

Far worse, charges for dangerous driving can be laid which carry with them penalties which are far more severe including jail terms of up to 10 years for causing bodily harm or up to 14 years for causing death.

From both a legal and a personal perspective there are severe repercussions to distracted driving.

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