Celebrating Earth Day

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Celebrating Earth Day

Apr 18, 2017

Earth Day blogEarth Day, celebrated each year on April 22nd first began in the US in 1970.  It was instated by a U.S. Senator named Gaylord Nelson as day dedicated to education about the environment after witnessing the devastation caused by the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara California. His movement to educate and demonstrate in support of a healthy and sustainable environment lead to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency that passed acts on clean air, clean water and endangered species.

In 1990, on its 20th anniversary, the movement went global seeing Earth Day celebrated internationally and bringing environmental issues to a place of prominence on the world stage.  Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 193 countries by more than a billion people, making it the largest secular observance in the world.

It was also in 1990 that Earth Day Canada (EDC) was founded EDC is a national environmental charity providing Canadians with the knowledge and tools to support a healthy environment.  The organization conducts a number of education programs and challenges, contests and campaigns year-round to promote practical, culturally relevant and cost-effective solutions to the environmental concerns of Canadians. EDC also recognizes and supports young environmental leaders through awards and scholarships generously funded by corporate partners. In 2016 celebrated its milestone 25th anniversary raising an Earth Day flag signed by over 250,000 students and public officials across Canada, including Prime Minister Trudeau.

There are number of different ways to observe this day devoted to helping the earth.  Here are some ideas for to celebrate the environment:

Educate Yourself

Make a commitment to learning more about environmental issues like pollution, water shortages and climate change and what can be done to help protect the environment.  Making small steps towards change can have a large impact.

Join In and Spread the Word

If you are passionate about environmental change consider joining an environmental group where you can take part in collaborative efforts and activities to help protect the environment.  Activities typically organized by environmental groups include hosting community clean-ups and planting trees or community gardens.

Many groups or organizations will also share their knowledge on making environmentally friendly decisions by doing things like hosting seminars and workshops and giving tours.



Take Part

There are many shows, festivals and fairs organized to celebrate Earth Day (the Green Living Show in Toronto is one example).  These types of events typically feature demonstrations of environmentally-friendly and recycled products, showcase healthy/locally grown foods, and feature performers with themed entertainment.

Break Bread

For those who enjoy entertaining consider cooking an Earth Day meal.  Extend an invitation to family and friends preparing a meal with a menu based on locally produced foods that is healthy and organic, and has minimal impact on the environment.  For your dinner party décor consider upcycling and turn materials like tin cans and empty bottles into rustic and chic adornments.

These are a mere few ideas to commemorate Earth Day but need not be restricted to one day only.  Everyday can be an opportunity to help the environment and show love for the planet we call home.

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