Question Period: Your First Consultation with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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Question Period: Your First Consultation with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Oct 3, 2017

Morris Blog_Sept_QuestionIf you have suffered injury in some form and are seeking out legal counsel, it’s best to come prepared with a list of questions to ask your prospective lawyer at your first meeting with one another.

During the initial consultation, it’s best to gage your prospective lawyer’s knowledge of your situation, but you most definitely want to know if they have the experience and knowledge to properly represent your case. The questions you should ask upon first meeting with your lawyer should likely include the following:

  • What are my rights in this situation?
  • What are my legal options?
  • What is the potential success view of the case?
  • Is it worth hiring a lawyer?
  • What is your experience dealing with these sorts of cases?
  • What is the means by which contact is to be maintained?

It also a good idea to review the retainer agreement under which the lawyer works. Questions about this could include:

  • How and when will I be charged?
  • Are there any up-front fees?
  • Will I be charged if the case is unsuccessful?

If your initial impression of the lawyer is a positive one and a trust between the both of you is beginning to form, schedule a second meeting and delve deeper into questions that you might have left over, as a result of the first meeting.

Once you are satisfied that the personal injury lawyer has the experience, the knowledge and your interests in the case, that he has answered all of your questions and has given satisfactory answers to them, that he has made you understand the potential risks and benefits with regards to your case, then it may be time to sign that retainer. At Morris Law Group, we earn that signature.

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