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Pool Of Water At Construction Site A Slip And Fall Risk

Oct 9, 2018

LRT Ottawa WaterSome of the most dangerous elements of a workplace may not look threatening at first sight but can in fact be a major hazard. This is certainly the case with pools of water, which can cause slip and fall accidents that lead to serious long-term injury and consequences for Ontario workers and citizens. The Labour Council in Ottawa has recently released a photo of one such hazard in a light rail transit (LRT) tunnel.

The photo dates back to a month ago and reveals a large amount of water filling the tunnel as the result of a leak. Workers need to wade through the water as they do their jobs at the LRT project, a task that causes concern for many. The level of water makes it impossible to see what is below the surface, making it difficult to avoid obstructions or debris that might cause a slip and fall accident.

Additionally, the large amount of water is a high risk due to the many power tools and electrical equipment in use on the project. Concerned workers took the initial photo in response to their concerns. The director of O-train construction in the region says the pool of water is due to record-breaking rainfalls in July.

It is not known how many workers have been injured on this project to date. However, the Ottawa Citizen reports that leaks and revelations from paramedics to the media suggest that there have been some slip and fall accidents thus far. Those who have been the victim of a slip and fall accident should speak with an Ontario lawyer to understand their legal options.

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