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Some Fear Personal Injury Risk From Impaired Driving Increase

Oct 15, 2018

sobriety checkpointAs Canada moves closer to marijuana legalization, safety advocates are working to raise awareness about the risks of driving while high. According to Ispos, a market research company, almost two million individuals in Ontario have driven under the influence of cannabis at least once. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause car accidents that lead to serious personal injury, so raising awareness on the issue is a high priority for many.

The Ispos study further concluded that use of cannabis before driving was happening in large numbers even recently, with 700,000 individuals admitting to driving high in the last three months. A CAA study further noted that along with using cannabis, some of these drivers are also drinking to some degree before getting behind the wheel. Understandably, this combination can create a significant public safety concern.

With impending legalization, a poll from the Insurance Bureau of Canada reported that 79 percent of Canadians have concerns related to high drivers. Meanwhile, 61 percent noted that they believed a less than a 3 hour gap between consuming the drug and driving was adequate. All in all, many are suggesting that a lack of information on the subject of driving while high could contribute to dangerous misconceptions.

Research shows that cannabis users are among those concerned about impairment and road safety. Regardless of consumption habits, road safety is an issue that affects everyone in Ontario. Those who are in an accident with an impaired driver may have legal options to compensate for their resulting personal injury. A lawyer can help to clarify these issues should they arise.

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