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Prevent Slip-And-Fall Accidents To Support Senior Safety Week

Nov 14, 2018

challenges-in-taking-care-of-ageing-parentsNational Senior Safety Week at the beginning of November each year serves to encourage everyone in Ontario and other provinces to take care of the seniors in their communities and to take steps to keep them safe. Slip-and-fall accidents pose particular hazards because older people are more vulnerable when it comes to broken bones such as hip fractures. Some victims never recover completely after such an accident.

Families who have seniors sharing their homes, or who have frequent visits of older people, can make a point of eliminating fall hazards in and around their houses. Those with elderly loved ones can encourage them to enjoy a handful of nuts like almonds and a glass of milk every day to provide their bones with vitamin D and calcium. They might also encourage their senior loved ones to have their eyes and hearing tested and check the different kinds of medication they take to identify those that might cause dizziness that could lead to falls

Business owners also have a significant responsibility to ensure hazard-free areas for their senior customers. Leaking fridges or freezers and dropped bits of fruit and vegetables in grocery stores can cause slip-and-fall accidents with devastating consequences. They might want to take extra care during the winter when snow and ice accumulations outside their stores are like minefields that seniors have to cross to get to the entrance.

Sadly, not all Ontario business owners take the necessary precautions to protect their senior customers from suffering injuries in slip-and-fall accidents. Victims of such accidents might be entitled to pursue financial relief. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess the circumstances that led to the fall and determine whether there are grounds for a civil lawsuit. A successful presentation of a premises liability claim might secure a monetary judgment to cover financial losses such as medical expenses along with emotional damages like pain and suffering.

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