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Personal Injury: Car Accidents May Cause Undiagnosed Concussions

Jan 11, 2019

Adult ConcussionVictims of car accidents in Hamilton and other cities in Ontario might decline a trip to the hospital for a medical evaluation because there are no apparent wounds or broken bones. This might be a mistake because some types of personal injury -- such as concussions -- might only become evident in the days or weeks after a crash. Authorities say a significant number of brain injuries are not reported because they are not diagnosed.

Brain injuries include conditions like meningitis, brain infection, strokes and concussions. In particular, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury with various possible symptoms. While it is typically associated with contact sports, many car accident victims suffer concussions with long-term consequences. The whiplash-like motion of the head on impact in a collision causes the brain to slam into the inner walls of the skull, causing TBI known as concussion.

Even a mild concussion can adversely affect the victim's personal relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Harm to the person's cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration and more can put his or her job on the line. The trauma of such injuries are exacerbated by the fact that the symptoms might be delayed, and when they do appear, they might not be linked to the accident that caused them.

Treatment for brain injuries could involve long-term therapy that typically comes at a high price. Coping with the medical expenses and lost income could be overwhelming but help is available. An experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can assist with the navigation of a civil lawsuit in pursuit of financial relief to cover economic and noneconomic damages.

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