Accident Benefits / No Fault Benefits Services

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death in Canada. If you or a loved one are experiencing broken bones, soft tissue tears, whiplash, concussion, spinal cord trauma, or another debilitating injury from a motor vehicle accident, The Morris Law Group can help.

Recovery requires more than compensation—our front-line advocates can help.

At The Morris Law Group, we take a holistic approach to your recovery. We aren’t simply going to fight your legal case but help you through the complex claims process and medical journey with our Accident Benefits Consultants and in-house Registered Nurse.

You have the right to claim:

Choosing Morris Law

Our experienced personal injury law firm has practiced in Hamilton for 60+ years.

We understand the intricacies of the physical, emotional, and financial implications after an injury or accident. We assess your needs and build a plan to maximize your recovery—on all fronts.

Our rates are contingency-based—you don’t pay us until you win your claim.

“This is as good as it gets! When it comes to a team that caters to all their clients' specific needs, call The Morris Law Group. They are always available no matter the circumstances. Their number 1 focus is the client's needs. They are an AMAZING Team. I have been a satisfied client for over a decade, and I will continue to be.”

Accident Benefits Experts

Our legal, insurance, and medical systems are designed to help us, but they can be challenging and stressful to navigate without a certain level of expertise. 

For most people suffering from a serious personal injury, it’s their first time. Making an insurance claim isn’t an everyday event, which is why we take you through everything in detail.

In 1994, we created Accident Benefits Consultants to help guide clients through the insurance claims maze. 

Our consultants are insurance experts—they’ve read every policy, so you don’t have to. Our ABCs will complete and file your initial forms, guide you through assessments, and help you understand the fine print and confusing jargon.

They’ll be by your side with day-to-day assistance, ensuring they do everything possible to give you access to the benefits and compensation you deserve. Where insurance companies are trying to undercut or delay your payments, they’ll negotiate for you. 

Our expert consultants are co-managed by Randall Morris, Jason Morris and Allison Whiteman.

We hope your claim doesn’t go to LAT. But if it does, your Accident Benefits Consultants work hand-in-hand with our expert legal team to ensure you’re heard in the potentially long months leading up to a lawsuit.

Rehabilitation Services

There are many important issues to deal with as you navigate post-accident injuries. Our legal professionals work to protect your rights, but we work with a regulated health professional to ensure your injuries are properly assessed, and you receive the proper treatment you need. 

Medical care and rehabilitation start with a strong foundational assessment. 

We can’t fight for fair compensation until we’ve accurately assessed the present and future costs you’ll incur from your injury. When you seek legal representation from The Morris Law Group, our Registered Health Professional, Kathy, will assess your needs to work alongside and connect you with the medical care and rehabilitation you need

Meet Kathy Gaudun—Registered Nurse and Injury Specialist

Kathy Gaudun is a Registered Nurse with extensive training in traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries. Through her experiences working at Chedoke-McMaster Hospital in the Acquired Brain Injury program, she holds first-hand knowledge of the complexities of personal injury diagnoses and innovative treatment techniques. 

Kathy consults with our legal team to confirm all of your necessary medical information and documentation are secured. She interacts directly with your health providers to advocate for your best treatment and regularly passes recovery updates along as your treatment progresses with the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are not obligated to speak directly with any insurance adjuster regarding your accident or injury. It’s best to consult a lawyer before communicating with the insurance company, including filling out your Accident Benefit forms. Our experienced Accident Benefits Consultants help you understand your rights and complete Accident Benefit forms accurately to secure a maximum settlement. 

If you accept a settlement directly from the insurance agency without the help of an expert, you may end up with a much lower payout than the compensation you deserve. A lawyer advocates for your rights—keep one on speed dial.

Many factors are involved in personal injury claims with varying legal elements and outcomes. The quickest way to determine if your case has substance is to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer with a deep understanding of the law. Our Accident Benefits Consultants work to help you understand insurance policies, and our Registered Health Professional helps assess the full impact of your injury on your health and estimate long-term costs. Call The Morris Law Group to discuss your potential case further. 

It depends on the severity of your injury. Some minor injuries may be best handled by a paralegal or small claims court suit, while more serious, more complex injuries typically require the care of a full personal injury legal firm, including lawyers, Accident Benefits Consultants, and a Registered Health Professional.

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