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Automobile accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death in Canada. If you or a loved one are experiencing broken bones, soft tissue tears, whiplash, concussion, spinal cord trauma, or another debilitating injury from a motor vehicle accident, The Morris Law Group can help.

Get The Compensation You Deserve—No Matter Who Was At Fault.

Auto accident law in Ontario requires insurance companies to have clear “no-fault” coverage. 

That means no matter who caused the damage to you, your passengers, or pedestrians, all parties are entitled to compensation through insurance. 

And, if another party was at-fault, you have the right to legally pursue fair compensation. 

You have the right to claim:

Choosing Morris Law Group

Our experienced personal injury law firm has practiced in Hamilton for 60+ years.

We understand the intricacies of automobile accident injuries and insurance claim regulations, and we’re ready to help you secure justice.

Our rates are contingency-based—you don’t pay us until you win your claim.

"Great law firm, Ryan and Randy are very good at what they do. They helped and assisted me with everything that needed to be done with my car accident. They concentrate on you and matters pertaining to you and your injuries. They are very professional and their staff are polite and very helpful. Thank you all. Very pleased to have had you on my side."
- Ann. G.

Not every motor vehicle accident happens in a car.

We’ve helped clients in all sorts of high-speed vehicle accidents involving trucks, cars, buses, and other motorized vehicles. Let us help you seek compensation for:

At The Morris Law Group, our dedicated experts are on your side.

We know that for most Canadians, the claims process can be confusing. Our dedicated team works with transparency to skillfully represent you through every step and help you understand the process.

Personal Injury Attorney in Hamilton

Our personal injury lawyers review your case and ensure your rights are preserved throughout your claims process. They diligently work to settle your case and represent you if it goes to trial.

Accident Benefit Consultant

Our accident benefit experts simplify the claims process, providing day-to-day assistance and the information you need to move through with relative ease. They’re your dedicated advocate, working to ensure you access all of the benefits you’re entitled to and negotiating fair payment where necessary.

On-Site Health Professional

The physical and emotional pain experienced after a traumatic accident can be debilitating. Rest assured that our on-site health professional will work to ensure you receive the proper medical attention you require, providing ample support along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some minor car accidents may not require legal counsel, but an experienced lawyer can often help you secure a better settlement.

You may want to hire a lawyer if:

  • You experienced any personal injuries resulting from the accident, including emotional trauma or pain & suffering.
  • The accident involved fatal casualties.
  • There is a dispute over which driver was at fault.
  • The other driver lacks insurance, or the paperwork is inaccurate.

If you’re looking to file a lawsuit for negligence, there are various damages categories you may be eligible to pursue. Civil lawsuits are compensatory, helping injured victims and their loved ones return to their position pre-accident.

There are no upper limits on these cases, but there are usually minimum thresholds, deductibles, and caps placed on payouts to ensure ample compensation that doesn’t lead to unfair cash “windfalls.”

You have two years to sue someone after a car accident and must file a statutory accident benefits claim within 30 days of the initial accident.

Get in touch with our car accident lawyers in Hamilton ASAP to start gathering evidence and compiling the supporting documentation and reports needed to win your case.

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