Head, Neck and Back Injury Attorneys

Head, neck, and traumatic brain injuries can be some of the catastrophic outcomes after a car accident, work incident, and more. If you or a loved one are experiencing whiplash, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, paralysis, or another debilitating injury, The Morris Law Group can help.

Head, neck, and back treatments get expensive—don’t wait on delayed or denied insurance claims.

The severity of these types of injuries and their effects on your life isn’t often immediately known. While insurance companies and negligent parties owe you compensation, lost wages and high costs of care can pile up as you await claim approval. 

Unfortunately, countless insurance companies have denied, delayed, or underpaid benefits through excessively strict policies and undue, difficult qualifications. If you’re dealing with unfilled claims, it’s time to fight for your rights. 

You have the right to claim:

Choosing Morris Law

Our experienced attorneys have practiced personal injury law in Hamilton for 60+ years.

We understand the intricacies and severity classifications of the head, neck, and spinal injuries that affect your claim and compensation. We use our decades of experience with the critically injured to help you navigate difficult insurance claims processes and secure justice.

Our rates are contingency-based—you don’t pay us until you win your claim.

"I found The Morris Law Group to be very professional and helpful. [Their] legal representation on my case exceeded my expectations. When it was said and done, we got a great result. Plus, unlike most lawyers, they take the time to listen to you. So if you are injured and need a lawyer, I would highly recommend them!” 
- Bess L.

Back, head, and neck injuries can happen anywhere.

We’ve helped clients in all sorts of high-speed vehicle accidents involving trucks, cars, buses, and other motorized vehicles. Let us help you seek compensation for:

Car Accidents

Slips & Falls

Workplace Accidents

Sports-Related Incidents


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have suffered a neck, back, or traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our Hamilton law firm can help you assess injuries and access insurance for swift treatment. 

An injury lawyer can gather the evidence and expert opinions you need to secure full compensation.

Though complex and highly-contested cases may take longer, personal injury claims in Ontario typically take around 2 to 5 years to settle. Don’t delay contacting a lawyer who can gather evidence ASAP and speed your case along as quickly as possible. While we can’t guarantee a particular end date, we may be able to provide a better estimate once we hear about your situation.

Head, neck, and back injuries vary in degrees of severity. The more an injury “costs” you financially, physically, and emotionally, the more compensation you’re entitled to receive. In the case of the intentional cause of injury, you may also receive punitive damages. 

Assessment is critical with these injuries, as the complexities of outcomes and treatments aren’t always known right away. Our expert health professionals will work with you to determine the compensation you will need over the days, months, and years as you recover. You shouldn’t be stuck paying for long-term care costs due to an inadequate settlement.

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