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Kathy Gaudun / Health Professional

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Kathy Gaudun is an invaluable resource that assists in the medical aspects of the client’s case. She focuses on ensuring that the client’s medical and rehabilitative needs are met. Kathy’s goal is to have clients function at their optimal level by the time their case is settled.

Kathy Gaudun, Registered Nurse, has over 20 years of brain injury experience. After graduating from nursing, Kathy applied her skills, education, compassion and enthusiasm to the specialty of Neurosurgery at the Hamilton General Hospital. Kathy soon discovered that helping patients with complex neurosurgical needs was a calling she wanted to continue.

Kathy’s dedication to her job and ongoing development led to her further advancement as the Clinical Co-coordinator of the Chedoke-McMaster Acquired Brain Injury Out-Patient Clinic. She followed the progress of brain injured clients and helped others with similar difficulties, gaining considerable expertise in dealing with a wide range of impairments.

In 1997, Kathy joined The Morris Law Group as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Her solid background in brain injury and injury rehabilitation made her an ideal fit for the law firm. Kathy continues to work for clients behind the scenes to ensure that they receive the best possible medical and rehabilitation services. She provides education to clients and assists the legal team by clarifying the medical issues of the case, and providing the case-specific knowledge and information needed to best represent the client. Kathy acts as a liaison between the legal and medical communities.

Kathy’s primary expertise is in the area of Acquired Brain Injury. She excels when dealing with the long-term impact and ongoing issues that often follow an injury. She knows that the most challenging issues are often those which are not outwardly visible or recognizable. Kathy works tirelessly on behalf of the client to ensure that they get the best care available.

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