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Slip And Fall Accidents On Private Or Rented Property

A significant number of personal injury lawsuits move through the civil justice system of Ontario each year. Slip-and-fall accidents give rise to many of those claims, which are filed against negligent property owners. It is not only business owners who are expected to keep their premises safe; homeowners or renters must also ensure their properties are safe for those who visit them. Delivery people, babysitters, couriers, repair or maintenance technicians, and other visitors could hold a homeowner responsible if dangerous conditions lead to injuries.

Known hazards that must be addressed to mitigate risks include accumulated ice and snow on walking surfaces, uneven surfaces, or walkways with potholes, gaps or dangerous cracks. A homeowner must report such hazards on municipally-owned sidewalks bordering their properties. Slippery surfaces on porches or indoor floors must be cleaned if wetness causes a danger, and highly polished or tiled floors should be covered with non-slip mats. Damaged or poorly lit stairways or missing handrails, debris or accumulations of wet, slippery leaves could also cause falls.

If such a case leads to a lawsuit, the court will consider whether the defendant's conduct was acceptable according to usual standards. It will also look at whether the danger was foreseeable, and how easy it would have been to prevent it. Furthermore, the length of time that the hazard existed might be deemed unreasonable.

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents in Ontario might have questions about the viability of their claims for damage recovery. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide answers as well as support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings if grounds exist for a civil lawsuit. Documented claims could include financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages along with emotional damages like pain and suffering.


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