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Hallowe'en Safety: 3 Tips You Should Know

The information in this blog post has not been updated to accurately reflect the current trends and information related to this topic. Should you require legal advice, please contact a personal injury lawyer or certified professional for additional information and resources. 

If you, or someone you know, has ever lit a few candles, worn a flowing cape, or made an entryway dark and spooky, it was probably a pretty impressive entrance for trick-or-treaters. But this set-up may have also contained the potential for accidents.

While it’s fun to focus on the scare tactics of Hallowe’en, it’s important to remember safety tactics too.

Tripping on a costume, tumbling down porch steps, or running across the street without looking can all result in a trip to the hospital. We’ve collected a few different safety tips for parents to consider as they get ready for October 31st.

Tip #1 – Avoid These Costume Hazards

It’s very easy to trip and fall over in a cumbersome costume. According to Health Canada, it’s important that adults and children wear costumes short enough to allow enough movement to walk and take steps without difficulty. In addition to costume length, check that accessories such as wings, wands and broomsticks are flame resistant -- these can easily knock over a candle or jack-o-lantern laying nearby. However, remember that flame resistant does not mean fire-proof.

Another important consideration regarding costumes is remembering to be visible. As the sun begins to set earlier, the nights get darker faster. It can be harder to spot black capes or witch hats in the evening. Attach reflective strips wherever possible – candy bags, costumes and accessories – to maximize visibility and avoid any potential collisions with cars or other pedestrians.

Tip #2 - Road Safety For Trick-Or-Treaters

To minimize the risks of injuries and accidents, have a discussion with your children about where they can go and what they should look out for when they head out for the evening. Even if you are travelling with your children, remember they will be excited and busy focusing on the fun of trick-or-treating. They may not remember to look both ways before running across the street to catch up with a friend.

A good tip is to focus on one side of the street, and then cross over to the other at appropriate intersections to minimize the amount of time spent in the road. If you are driving, remember that there will be a lot more pedestrian traffic on Hallowe’en. Drive with extra caution and look for adults and children crossing the streets.

Tip #3 – Declutter The Outside Of Your Home

Children or adults can trip over wires, decorations, and even slip on wet leaves left on a stoop. Try and be mindful of the foot traffic you will be receiving that night and clear up any potential dangers before the trick-or-treaters are out in full swing.

Another tip is to remember to keep your outdoor lights off as a signal that you are not participating in the festivities. It may not stop everyone from ringing your doorbell, but it’s generally accepted that turning on your outdoor lights means you’re open for business.

If you do accidentally trip and fall, or are involved in a collision in the streets, you may be entitled to  receive accident benefits from your insurance company. Even if you feel fine after a tumble, keep in mind that some injuries may not show up right away. It’s best advised to consult a professional to confirm if there are any injuries.

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