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Road Safety Tips for City Drivers

Driving in the city can be challenging. From an increased number of pedestrians and vehicles to road hazards, driving without proper care and attention can lead to major accidents that are devastating for everyone involved.

Despite the risks, car accidents in the city can be avoided when drivers take responsibility for their driving and choose to act proactively to avoid accidents. These tips and tricks are simple, yet extremely effective at keeping those inside and outside of motor vehicles safe from harm.

Top ten road safety tips for city drivers:

  1. Follow traffic signals

    On country roads, traffic signals can be few and far between, but in cities, you can find a traffic signal on almost every block; so it is important to be aware of the many traffic signals and obey them at all times. Slowing down for yellow lights, fully complying with all stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, and giving the appropriate right of way are a few of the ways we can keep everyone on the road safe and potentially prevent an accident from happening.

  2. Watch out for crosswalks

    The number of people who choose to walk instead of drive is much higher in cities than in smaller towns; however, this means there is an increased risk of collisions. Left turns, failing to stop at intersections, and disobeying signals at crosswalks are all common causes of pedestrian accidents. As a driver, it is your responsibility to stay alert when approaching crosswalks and adjust your driving as necessary.

  3. Obey the speed limits

    Speed limits are essential to safety and breaking them can not only result in a speeding fine, but they can cause major injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Limit your risk of an accident by following speed limits. This simple choice could save a life.

  4. Keep an eye out for cyclists

    Cyclists share the road with drivers, and although they are meant to follow the rules of the road as any other moving vehicle, the truth is that bike accidents often happen when bike riders alternate between pedestrian rules and motor vehicle rules or do not stay on designated bike paths. As cycling networks across major cities in Ontario and Canada are increasing, drivers need to be aware of bicycle traffic and designated bike lanes when completing driving maneuvers.

  5. Wear a seatbelt

    The truth is, regardless of how safe we are, accidents can still happen. Often, what would be a minor accident can become a major accident simply by not wearing a seatbelt, leading to catastrophic injuries and pain for everyone involved. Wearing your seatbelt is essential to your safety, so keep it on and stay safe.

  6. Use your vehicle to your advantage

    Cars were designed to be driven, and that means they come with a variety of functions that were designed to keep you and those around you on the road safe! Make sure to consistently use your signals, headlights, and mirrors when on the road. These can help you alleviate blind spots, navigate adverse weather conditions, alert other vehicles to your actions, and keep those inside and outside of your car safe.

  7. Watch out for blind spots

    Cities are busy, and often you will have to drive down multi-lane roads while contending with a large volume of traffic. A major cause of accidents, especially motorcycle accidents, is changing lanes in these heavily congested areas because it may be difficult to see the vehicles around you. Being aware of the blind spots in your vehicle and practicing safe driving habits is essential to preventing accidents from happening.

  8. Avoid distracted driving

    A top cause of accidents is distracted driving, and the risk is only increased in the city where there are more vehicles, hazards, traffic signals and pedestrians on the roads. Any form of distracted driving including texting, talking, eating, daydreaming and more, can be the cause of a major accident. Although you cannot control others, you have the ability to choose to not participate in distracted driving.

  9. Be aware of vehicles around you

    When driving in the city, there are hazards all around you; it is important to be aware of these hazards and drive accordingly. For example, every year the Greater Toronto Area sees truck accidents resulting from speeding, tire blowouts, driver fatigue, distracted driving, intoxication, poor road conditions, truck overload, dangerous cargo, and mechanical failure. Although you may not be able to prevent these accidents from happening, being aware of vehicles around you, providing adequate space and staying conscious of your surroundings can keep you safe, should they occur.

  10. Do not drink and drive

    Major cities in Southern Ontario such as Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls have fantastic night-life. However, a good night can instantly turn bad when someone gets behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. Please, do not drink and drive. Cities have many options for getting home: call a cab, take the bus, or even try the subway – all will ensure a safe ride home.

What to do when an accident occurs

By following these safety tips, you can reduce your chances of a serious accident. However, regardless of whether you are in a city or on a country road, accidents will continue to happen. If you find yourself a victim of a motor vehicle accident, it is essential you contact a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Contact The Morris Law Group

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All personal injury firms will work to get you the best settlement, but only at The Morris Law Group will you get the care and support you need at such a difficult time. Contact us today.


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