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What Compensation Can A Personal Injury Victim Expect?

According to authorities, auto accidents are the primary cause of deaths and serious injuries nationwide, including Ontario. Injuries could involve head, neck, back and spinal trauma, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, torn ligaments, and more. Any of these could have long-term consequences, which might even include disabilities. Personal injury suffering could include chronic pain and mental and physical anguish along with the inability to work and other factors that cause financial hardship.

Auto insurance policies in Ontario offer Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages that provide victims of accidents with compensation regardless of who was at fault. Covered are drivers, passenger, pedestrians or anyone else injured or killed in an automobile accident. Coverage by the victim's own insurance or that of the other party typically includes pain and suffering along with past and future loss of income and medical expenses.

Additional compensation that might be available includes non-earner compensation for someone who is entirely unable to lead a normal life and who does not qualify for lost income benefits. Caregiver benefits are for a victim who can no longer provide the necessary care to a family member, and those who need an aide or personal care attendant after the accident might be awarded compensation to cover such services. Furthermore, incurred expenses for rehabilitation might be included. In the event of death, the surviving family members will receive payment to cover end-of-life expenses.

Dealing with insurance claims or potential civil lawsuits while recovering from serious injuries could be overwhelming. Fortunately, injured victims of accidents are free to utilize the skills of a personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with the Ontario insurance programs and the civil justice system of the province. With the support and guidance of legal counsel, injured crash victims or the families of deceased loved ones might receive the compensation to which they are entitled.


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    Automobile accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in Canada. You may be entitled to compensation.
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