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Party For Pain: Fundraising For Chronic Pain Management

On November 8th, 2018 our very own Kathy Gaudun participated in the 'Dancing with the Hamilton Stars' fundraiser for Party For Pain. MLG staff were there to support her all the way to the winner's circle!

Kathy Gaudin

"Hi there, my name is Kathy Gaudin, and I am a legal consultant working and The Morris Law Group in Hamilton. I became acquainted with the chronic pain management program through my time nursing at the Hamilton Health Sciences, and our clients have received phenomenal benefits from this wonderful program. I’ve been fortunate that at this point I have already raised over $14,000.

"I can’t thank our community enough; they have stepped up and donated to this amazing cause. I am hoping that you will vote for me because I am probably the most petrified to be up here. I have absolutely no dancing experience and I am really going outside my comfort zone. Justin and I have decided that will do some shots of tequila before we get out there dancing, so hopefully it will calm my nerves. My family is all going to be there, so that is going to help and I have a lot of friends in the audience which is going to be amazing.

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank everybody for all of their support, for voting for me, and for their donations. I want to thank my dance partner, Trevor Cox, who has led me around the dance floor even though I have two left feet. I want to thank my wonderful husband and children who have supported me through this. My friends from work, friends from the community, my girl’s group, and the chronic pain management program, I couldn’t have done this without you. It’s been an awesome experience."


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